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  • The Town of Breckenridge is Cancelling the April 3 2018 election due to three candidates running for three seats. The confirmed candidates are Erin Gigliello, Elisabeth Lawrence, and Gary Gallagher

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  • Cover of the Breckenridge Water Efficiency Plan

    Learn about the 2018 Town of Breckenridge Water Efficiency Plan in an effort to conserve water and protect our natural resources

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  • A new glass recycling station in Town that has information about recycling

    Looking to find a place to recycle glass in town? We can help. Locations: 1. Entrance to the Stephen C. West Ice Arena. 2. Entrance to the Kingdom Park Softball Fields (far south end of Breckenridge Recreation Center parking lot). 3. Along the sidewalk south of the entrance to the Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center.

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