Town of Breckenridge's Renewable Energy Iniatives

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Breckenridge has set a goal to reach community wide renewable energy by 2035

100 % Renewable Energy

Solar panels placed on the roof of Breckenridge's Ice Arena with mountains in the background

 On November 14, 2017, the Breckenridge Town Council took action to adopt a resolution setting a goal of reaching 100 percent renewable electric energy on a community-wide basis by the year 2035.  Previously in August of 2017, the Town Council had adopted a goal of reaching 100 percent renewable energy for town government facilities and operations by the year 2025.  Adoption of these goals was preceded by months of discussions by the Town Council and a task force comprised of local citizens.  The two resolutions setting the above goals are provided below.

100 % Community-Wide Resolution

100% Town Facilities Resolution


The SustainableBreck Plan sets goals of reducing the Town’s carbon footprint and increasing the supply of renewable energy sources in the community.  At the beginning of 2017, a group of citizens approached the Town Council with a request that the Town consider setting goals of achieving 100 % renewable energy in Town.  At the direction of Town Council, a 100% Renewable Energy Task Force was formed comprised of local citizens.  The Task Force met over a course seven months and developed a series of recommendations to the Town Council regarding the viability of achieving 100 % renewable energy.  The document highlights some of the research done by Task Force members.

Roadmap/Pathway to 100 % Renewable Energy

Town Facilities and Operations

The Town of Breckenridge currently hosts a number of solar installations on its properties.  This includes two 500 kilowatts (kw) community solar gardens and close to another 500 kw of solar panels on rooftops of town buildings or ground-mounted arrays on town properties.  These renewable sources account for approximately 21 percent of total electric demand of town facilities.  The Task Force has set forth a list of actions to complete in upcoming years so that town facilities can be powered 100 % by renewable sources by the year 2025, including the following:


Town Facilities Energy Efficiency Upgrades, including:

$100,000 Lighting Upgrades (town hall, other town buildings)

$30,000 Analytic Control Package (allows monitoring of town heating systems, etc. for maximum efficiency)

$250,000 Kingdom Park Lighting Upgrades

Renewable Connect (purchase of renewable energy from Xcel Energy)

Neighboring County Solar Garden


Additional Town Facilities Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Power Purchase Agreement for Solar on Town Facilities (roof-mounted arrays on new water treatment plant, indoor tennis court building, etc.)

Second McCain Solar Garden

2020 and Beyond                      

Additional Town Facilities Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Feasibility Analysis of Potential for Small Scale Hydro and Wind

Neighboring County Solar Gardens

Implementation of Small-Scale Renewable Sources if Feasible

Four people stand in front of solar panels with a banner representing the Clean Energy Collective and Community Owner Solar Gardens

Partnership with Xcel Energy

The Town recognizes that in order to reach 100 % renewable sources on a community-wide basis, attaining this goal will require a strong partnership with our utility provider Xcel Energy.  To a large extent, this goal relies on Xcel moving away from fossil fuel sources of energy production to renewable sources such as wind and solar.  The Town has taken the first steps in this journey and has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Xcel Energy, which outlines the partnership and the work plan targeted towards achieving 100 % renewable energy. 

For more information on the Town’s 100 % renewable efforts, please contact Mark Truckey at