Roundabout "How To" Information

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I drive a Roundabout?

• SLOW DOWN….Speeds of 15 MPH are adequate.

• YIELD to ALL circulating traffic when entering the roundabout.

• Enter the roundabout. Once inside, do not stop. You have the right-of-way.

• Circulate counter-clockwise, following the one-way traffic pattern.

• Do not change lanes within the roundabout.

• Watch for pedestrian traffic in the crosswalk areas.

• Exit the roundabout toward your destination.

How do I walk or ride a bike through the roundabout?

• Never walk or ride to the center island of the roundabout.

• Pedestrians must use designated sidewalks on the side of the roundabout. They may not walk in the roundabout.

• Bicyclists must follow the same rules as motorists when using traffic lanes and yield to traffic in the circle when entering.