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The Breckenridge Police Department provides community based policing for a mountain resort community. The department is seeking qualified applicants who will apply their life experience and education to build and maintain strong relationships with the community. The department’s commitment to community policing means that we seek applicants who communicate effectively, solve problems, build partnerships and resolve conflicts. More than any other resource, the strength of a police organization is heavily dependent upon the quality of its employees.

The department values diversity in its workforce, and has an open continuous recruitment policy and a lateral-hiring program for those individuals with prior sworn street experience. Every applicant must compete for a position in a recruitment process from which qualified police officer applicants are selected for consideration. The hiring process, through which each applicant must successfully pass, is structured to ensure impartiality.

The position of Police Officer is posted year-round, even when vacancies do not exist. The department at times may maintain an eligibility listing of potential candidates for future vacancies.

Consider reaching the peak of law enforcement with the

Town of Breckenridge Police Department!

For additional information about the application process, please visit the following:

Current Vacancies

Hiring and Eligibility Requirements

Disqualification Guidelines for Police Officer & CSO Applicants

Recruitment Process

Police Officer Salary and Benefits

If your questions are not answered after reviewing the above information, you may contact the Police Department's recruiting administrator, Cathy Luc, at catherinel@townofbreckenridge.com.

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