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Reading and Understanding a Citation

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

Blank Citation

1) Blue Highlight
The Citation Number is the reference number used by the Municipal Court. The Case Report Number is the reference number used by the Police Department.

2) Yellow/Orange Highlight
This is the contact information for the court into which your citation was written. These are two separate courts. Only contact the court which has been checked by the police officer. The Yellow Box is for Breckenridge Municipal Court. The Orange Box is for Summit County Court and you are not on the correct website.  (See Jurisdiction Information)

3) Green Highlight
This is the amount due to the court. If there is no number written in by the police officer, you likely have been cited for a court mandatory violation. See next segment.

4) White Highlight
This is your court date. Please make sure your fine is paid BEFORE this date or plan to appear at your court date. If you have been cited for a court mandatory violation you must appear on this date and time. Please contact the court if you are unable to attend your court date. If you do not appear and have not been in contact with the court you may receive an Outstanding Judgment Warrant (hold on your driver’s license) or a warrant.