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Parking Structure

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F-Lot/Riverwalk Public Parking Structure:

At the April 10th Town Council meeting, as a result of the expedited construction timeline, council was asked to make a final decision on the Riverwalk Parking Garage. The need to move a sewer line before spring runoff required Council to decide whether or not to begin construction immediately.  Council discussed the rushed schedule, as well as other challenges including CDOT’s final permit approval and not yet having final pricing numbers. As a result of the discussion, council decided to postpone the construction of the Riverwalk Parking Garage to assess and ensure all questions have been answered.

Council reaffirmed that building a parking structure is a big step for our Town and that the Council must make a quality decision for the betterment of the community. We seek to be forthcoming in this and welcome any questions and feedback from the community. 


Image of the proposed parking structure for F Lot