Breckenridge Broadband Project

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Learn more about the Town of Breckenridge's efforts to bring community owned broadband to our community.


The Town is currently working with a partner organization, Foresite Group, to create an implementation plan for a municipal broadband infrastructure network.  The overall goal of this project is to enable our community to own its broadband future by creating a reliable, high-speed fiber open access infrastructure that can serve all of the Town’s connectivity needs into the foreseeable future.  Open access means multiple internet service providers can use our public fiber network to supply service to local homes and businesses.  And, since they would not have to install their own infrastructure to provide these services, we believe the result will be lower cost and better service.

What does this mean to you, our Breckenridge citizens and businesses?  By constructing a fiber optic infrastructure, the project will provide for multiple service opportunities.  These include high-speed internet service to homes and businesses, better cellular service and coverage, public Wi-Fi, smart parking and transit solutions, and real-time smart water metering.  Collectively, these kinds of Town wide programs are known as “Smart City” solutions. 

A big part of this project right now is assessing our community’s interest in participating in the project.  By collecting information on how many of us would be interested in signing up for internet service through this project, we can begin to assess our project’s next steps. 

Timeline and Process

During Summer 2018, we will be gathering demand from the engagement survey, taking LIDAR data and a geographical survey of the Town to determine the best locations and construction designs for the network. Foresite Group will then come back with options to council at the end of summer that look at construction methods and pricing. Council will then decide if this is feasible.

 Staff with continue to work with Foresite to determine the business model. The Town will have a municipally (aka: community) owned open access network. This means that ISPs will compete on the open access network for customers’ service, driving healthy competition. The Town expects a two-year implementation and how the network is built will be based off of the demand assessments. 


Please look through the rest the information on these pages and fill out the survey by clicking the image below.  We truly believe that publicly owned open access infrastructure is the future of broadband.  A municipally owned open access network will serve as a powerful tool to help the Town of Breckenridge meet many current and future challenges. 

What is broadband and how does it affect my internet service? Why would the Town decide to take this project on? Find your answers here in our broadband FAQs.