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Construction Updates

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2019 Fiber Construction

Map of the first phase of the fiber build project, the map starts at the justice center, follows the bike path through Main Street alleys and heads to Ridge, up Wellington, and down Reiling Road

Above is the backbone fiber route that was laid during the 2019 construction season. This included the core of Town, Reiling and Wellington Roads, and the Wellington and Lincoln Park neighborhoods. In 2019:

  • Engineering and Design functions were transitioned to ALLO Communications and completed in a tight timeline for construction.
  • Peak Construction worked quickly during May and June to complete most of the core construction prior to the busy start of the summer season.
  • Roadway construction is complete, and Peak is currently working on constructing customer drop connections before winter fully rolls in.
  • ALLO has stopped selling for 2019 installations, and Peak will finish the remaining drops. Sales efforts will begin again in the spring.
  • The Town of Breckenridge plans to “light” first customers in December.

 During the off season staff will be:

  • Consulting with ALLO on design and engineering for 2020 and beyond
  • Executing a maintenance and repair contract for the network
  • Engineering a robust Wi-Fi network for proposed 2020 installation. 

2020 Fiber Construction 

2020 Fiber Service area

 The proposed areas expand out from the backbone and distribution lines established during the 2019 build. They also represent areas with a high number of single family, residential premises and build out the business area in the core of town. Staff has focused on areas with the least expensive price per premise construction cost; ultimately the areas with the highest density.

This area includes:

  • Main to High and Lincoln to Luisa

  • Weisshorn (all or in part) 

  • Main to High and Lincoln to Jefferson

  • Main/Hwy 9 to Sunbeam; Jefferson to Ice Rink/Boreas Pass.

 Core of Town WiFi: Robust municipal Wi-Fi will not only provide for a convenient connection, it will also provide an alternative to using cellular data. The cellular network in Breckenridge suffers during busy times,and WiFi provides an opportunity for people to get off cellular thereby freeing up that network. The Town will endeavor to include the core of Town WiFi in the 2020 build. 

2021 Plan:  In order to determine the most economical areas for a 2021 build, staff has proposed creating a survey instrument to help determine community interest within specific residential areas and partnering with ALLO sales staff to assess business and MDU (multidwelling unit) interest. Additionally, staff is assessing the viability of alternate technologies that provide a lower cost option to fiber to the premise in more sparsely populated areas and will consider these options for 2021 and beyond.