Electrical Permit Fee Schedule

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Effective: June 12, 2019

Fees are computed according to the appropriate chart below.

Temporary construction meters require a separate permit application from any other activity.

Electrical Permit Fees will be based on the current State Electrical Fee Schedule plus 15%, and an electrical plan review fee of 65% of the permit fee will be assessed when an electrical plan review is required.

Residential Electrical Only Installation: (new, remodel, addition) (round sq. ft. up to next 100 for calculation) 

Residential Installation - Based on enclosed living area only  FEE
(1) Equal to or less than 1,000 square feet                                                       $103.50
(2) 1,001 square feet but equal to or less than 1,500 square feet  $156.40
(3) 1,501 square feet but equal to or less than 2,000 square feet  $209.30
(4) Greater than 2,001 square feet  $209.30 + ($9.20 x each additional 100 sq. ft.)

Commercial and other fees: Including some residential installations that are not based on square footage (not in a living area, i.e. garage, shop, etc.). Fees in this section are calculated from the total cost to customer (contract price), including electrical materials, items and labor- whether provided by the contractor or the property owner.

Valuation of Installation -
(Based on cost to customer of labor, materials, and items):
(1) Equal to or less than $2,000  $103.50(base fee)
(2) Greater than $2,001 add $9.20 per thousand of job valuation
(always round up the next $1,000) to the Base Fee ($103.50)


TEMPORARY HEAT RELEASE: $103.50 (base fee)

RE-INSPECTION FEE ($50): A re-inspection fee may be assessed when additional inspections are required when the job is not ready for inspection (if 5 or more correction items are cited), access is not provided, violations from the last inspection are not completed, etc.


PLEASE NOTE: Applicants should be prepared to do the following:
• Use the online permit system to request an inspection when job is ready.
• Ensure that the work is completed within the time limitation of the permit.
• Install wiring according to the currently adopted edition of the Colorado Electrical Code (NEC).
• Request an electrical installation inspection prior to covering and a final inspection prior to occupancy.

Rev. 06/2019