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Current Planning and Development Review

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NOTE: New fees are starting January 1, 2020.

Program Goals:
Development Review for new construction and site plans is a program that maintains the important balance of preserving Breckenridge’s small town Victorian character and the natural setting of the community.

Breckenridge Development Code
Comprehensive Code Amendments, Effective February 12, 2019
Town of Breckenridge Vision Plan
Town of Breckenridge Planning Commission
New Construction Packet - Helpful for first time builders.
Administrative Rules and Regulations

(For additional information and upcoming meeting dates on projects, please contact the Planning Department)

Pending and In Process Projects:

Milne/McNamara House and Eberlein House Restoration, Relocation and Site Modifications Town Project: The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance (BHA) proposes restoration of the historic Milne House which includes a new foundation and installation of a basement, relocation and restoration of the historic Eberlein House which includes a new foundation, outhouse relocation and restoration, installation of parking along the rear alley, new concrete steps and walkways, ADA accessibility, tree removal, landscaping, drainage modifications, and utility installations. The Planning Commission reviewed the project at a Work Session on February 18, 2020 and at a Town Project Hearing on March 17, 2020. At the March 17 meeting, the Planning Commission continued the Town Project Hearing to the meeting of April 7, 2020. At the April 7, 2020 meeting, the Planning Commission recommended that the Town Council approve the project. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Town Council’s review of the project has been delayed, and will be scheduled for when the Town Council is able to resume in-person meetings.  

Amenity Club Code Update: Discussions to update the Development Code were held with the Planning Commission on May 5, 2020 and the Town Council on May 12, 2020. These worksessions discussed adding regulations to the Town’s Development Code to regulate Amenity Club space available to the public or members, operated by a business, club or government organization, and where a fee is charged for hourly, daily, monthly, seasonal or annual usage. Upon the completion of the Council’s discussion on May 12th, the Council adopted an Ordinance which placed a six month moratorium on any new Amenity Club applications. The moratorium will allow time for staff to work with a task force of Planning Commissioners and members of the development community, to give recommendations to the Council on how to better regulate Amenity Clubs.

Development Code Policy 32 (Relative) Water Conservation: Staff is currently researching best practices for water conservation, and drafting a new Relative Policy for the Development Code. The draft of the Policy will host the existing water conservation recommendations from Policy 22 (Relative) Landscaping. The draft of the Policy will also include additional recommendations and incentives, such as a residential project receiving positive points for achieving certain water use efficiency standards. A Work Session to review the Policy draft at Planning Commission has been scheduled for July 7, 2020.

Sign Code Handbook: Update to the Sign Code handbook to make it easier to read, modify to reflect code changes since the last handbook was released and update the graphics to match the Handbook of Design Standards.

Parkway Center Mixed Use Building (429 North Park Avenue):  The Planning Commission held a Preliminary Hearing on March 3, 2020 and a Final Hearing on June 2, 2020 for a new mixed-use building containing 16,711 square foot mixed use building containing 6,920 sq. ft. of medical office, 950 sq. ft. of retail, 1,222 sq. ft. of common area, and 14 residential apartments totaling 7,230 sq. ft. The Town Council called the Item up at the June 9, 2020 meeting and voted to approve the project at a De Novo hearing on June 23, 2020. On July 17, 2020, the Town Council will approve a record of decision officially approving this project.

Breck Central Market (190 Stan Miller Drive): The Planning Commission held a Preliminary Hearing on March 17, 2020 and a Second Preliminary Hearing on May 19, 2020 for a proposal to construct a 12,587 sq. ft. commercial building containing 2,553 sq. ft. of office and 9,419 sq. ft. of commercial restaurant. The proposal includes an easement for a future connection to the Blue River Rec Path.

Placer Flats Master Plan Modification (190 Stan Miller Drive):  The Planning Commission held a Preliminary Hearing on March 17, 2020 and a Second Preliminary Hearing on May 19, 2020 for a proposal to modify the existing Placer Flats Master Plan to change the language related to architecture and the number of separate businesses allowed in one building.

Summit Mountain Rentals Mixed Use, 1730 Airport Rd.: The Community Development Dept. has received a Class A Development Permit application for a 7,531 sq. ft. commercial office/retail building and 7,000 sq. ft. of apartments. A Preliminary Hearing was held on February 4, 2020. A Final Hearing has not yet been scheduled due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Recently Approved Projects:

Policy 33R Energy Conservation: Updates to Policy 33R, Energy Conservation, to respond to building code changes implemented during the April 28 Town Council meeting.  This includes removing positive points for HERS/ERI ratings and EV/Solar ready homes.  Additional negative points will be added for heating paving over the existing (-3) points for 1,000sf and installation of outdoor, heated commercial/multifamily pools and hot tubs.  Positive points have been added for additional EVSE Installed and EV Capable spaces over the minimum required by the Summit Sustainable Building Code and/or the IECC. The code changes were approved at second reading during the June 9th Town Council Meeting and the ordinance will go into effect on July 16, 2020.

St. John’s Episcopal Church: The Town Council approved a Development Agreement for this project on March 24, 2020. The project includes the landmarking of the historic structure as well as a stabilization of the building. A new basement will be added beneath the historic structure and some minor changes will occur on the exterior of the structure, including the removal of the staircase along Lincoln Avenue. The Planning Commission held a Combined Hearing on May 19, 2020 and the project was approved at Town Council on May 26, 2020.

East Peak 8 Hotel (1599 Ski Hill Road): The Planning Commission held Preliminary Hearings on January 15, 2019, September 3, 2019 and October 15, 2019 for a Class A Development Permit application, regarding a new 137 room hotel and 49 for sale condominium units located on the property most widely known as the Administrative lot for Breckenridge Ski Resort. The project proposes a total of 181,896 sq. ft. of new density and 333 garage parking spaces. The project was approved by the Planning Commission on January 7, 2020. The Town Council subsequently reviewed the project at a de novo hearing on February 25, 2020 and formally approved the project on March 10, 2020.

Peak 8

Subdivision Code Update: A First Reading to update the Subdivision Code was held by the Town Council on January 14, 2020. The amendments include modifications to the Site Disturbance Envelope language to set standards for creating new or modifying existing Site Disturbance Envelopes. A Second Reading was held on January 28, 2020.

Accessory Dwelling Units: A First Reading to update the Town Code was held by the Town Council on February 18, 2020. The changes included clarifications to the accessory apartment policy to reduce the likelihood of the Town approving primary unit designs that could easily be used as separate “lock-off” units. Changes include establishing criteria regarding kitchens and wet bars, requiring family members within Accessory Dwelling Units meet the 30 hour a week work requirement, and clarifying what would be required with attached and detached additions. A Second Reading was held on March 10, 2020.

South Gondola Lot Public Parking Structure (Watson Avenue): On January 14, 2020 the Town Council approved a new parking structure containing 717 parking spaces, along with  245 exterior surface parking spaces, bicycle parking and public restrooms. The proposed parking structure totals 249,984 sq. ft. and when completed will provide 405 additional spaces beyond the South Gondola Lot’s current capacity.


Handbook of Design Standards:  The Town contracted with Winter and Company the original authors of The Handbook of Design Standards for the Conservation and Historic Districts for a review of the standards. Winter & Company developed a series of recommendations that were first shared with the public at a March 19, 2019 open house. At the public open house, staff heard concerns from some members of the public on these recommendations. In response, the Town Council directed staff to assemble a stakeholders group to further vet the recommendations.  The stakeholder group included representation from a number of interest parties that would be affected by the outcome.  Members of the stakeholders group include Robin Theobald (landowner), Janet Sutterley (architect), Turk Montepare (realtor), Dave Karoly (realtor), Larry Crispell (landowner), Tim Casey (landowner), and Mike Giller and Steve Gerard (chair and vice chair of the Planning Commission).   The stakeholders group had five meetings, with updates to the Planning Commission and Town Council along the way. On June 12th, 2019 staff hosted a second open house on the stakeholder’s recommendations. Based on the stakeholder group’s recommendations the Town Council adopted revisions to the Handbook of Design Standards addressing the moving of historic structures, density and mass, additions to historic structures, building height, connectors and paving and parking. The revisions to the Handbook of Design Standards were adopted through an Ordinance on August 13, 2019. 

King Residence Relocation, Addition, Restoration, Local Landmarking, Garage and Accessory Apartment; 300 N. French St.: The applicant proposes to relocate the historic circa 1890’s house approximately 5 ft. towards the interior of the lot, construct an approximately 100 sq. ft. addition, install a basement and concrete foundation, conduct a full restoration of the house, designate the house as a Local Landmark, relocate the historic secondary structure (cabin) further towards the interior of the lot and conduct a full restoration, construct a detached 2-car garage and accessory apartment, and install new fence and landscaping. The project was reviewed by the Planning Commission on April 10, 2019 at a Preliminary Hearing, on September 17, 2019 at a second Preliminary Hearing, and on October 15, 2019 at a Final Hearing. The Planning Commission recommended approval to the Town Council, and the Town Council approved the project on October 22, 2019.

319 N. French Street: A proposal to rehabilitate, locally landmark, and add connector and addition to existing historic residence on North French Street. The project proposed a total of 3,368 sq. ft. of new density in addition to the 700 sq. ft. historic home, consisting of 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. This project received Final Approval on April 2, 2019 by the Planning Commission. 

McCain Subdivision: A Combined Hearing for a subdivision application was held at the Planning Commission meeting on April 10, 2019 and was approved at the Town Council meeting on April 23, 2019. The application was to subdivide the Town Owned McCain Property into four parcels.

Levy House: On October 30, 2018 the Planning Commission held a Preliminary Hearing for the Levy House, located at 112 South French Street. The applicant proposes a relocation of the house two ft. to the north, a restoration of the facades, a new 900 sq. ft. basement, installation of a full foundation under the historic house, the local landmarking of the historic structure, and a renovation of the interior. A Final hearing was held on April 2, 2019 and the Planning Commission meeting and the project was approved at the Town Council meeting on April 9, 2019.

Town of Breckenridge Comprehensive Code Amendments:  A Comprehensive Code Steering Group, comprised of local architects and members of the Breckenridge Planning Commission, has worked periodically over the last year and a half to develop a set of recommendations for revisions to the Development Code.  The code amendments were adopted on January 8th by the Town Council.  These code amendments will take effect February 15th. Follow this link to view the approved amendments. 

Placer Flats Master Plan & Subdivision: These two applications are related to the Breckenridge Building Center Property. The previous Master Plan expired prior to subdivision and must been renewed for any subdivisions take place. The Master Plan calls for a total of two lots, one of which includes the existing Breckenridge Building Center. The subdivision application is to subdivide the lot into two, per the master plan. These applications were reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission on January 2, 2019 and Town Council on January 8, 2019.

McCain Master Plan Update: This update includes modifications related to a future school parcel, workforce housing, overflow parking, and open space. Other minor modifications are included in the update as well. A worksession was held at the Town Council meeting on September 11, 2018. An open house and Planning Commission worksession were held on October 2, 2018. A public hearing was held during the Planning Commission meeting on November 6, 2018 and at Town Council on November 13, 2018. The Town Council approved the update on November 13.

Casey Residence; 112 N. French Street: On November 6, 2018, the Planning Commission approved a Class B Development Permit application, regarding a proposal to rehabilitate, locally landmark, add connector and addition to existing, historic residence. The proposal includes, approximately 2,103 sq. ft. of above ground density and 2,871 sq. ft. of mass.  

Denison Apartments, 1910 Denison Placer Road: A proposal to construct two apartment buildings with 16, one-bedroom and 16 two- bedroom apartments totaling 26,632 sq. ft. The buildings are sited on 1.2742 acres and will feature 16 deed restricted employee apartments and 16 market rate apartments that have a short-term rental restriction. This project received Final Approval on August 7, 2018 by the Planning Commission. 

Lot 7, Denison Placer Subdivision (Block 11): A proposal to resubdivide Denison Placer, Lot 7 to create a total of 4 new lots and dedicate additional right-of-way for Floradora Drive and Fraction Road was approved by Town Council on August 14, 2018.

Cucumber Creek Estates Subdivision: The applicant is proposing to subdivide a 9.24 acre parcel into six tracts of land. This subdivision is based on a Master Plan that was approved in 2016 for 23 residential units. This project was approved during a combined hearing by the Planning Commission on June 4, 2018, and was approved by Town Council on June 5, 2018. 

Ten Mile Room 505 South Park Avenue: The applicant is proposing a conference room at 505 South Park Avenue. The original building on this site collapsed in January of 2017. The application includes a new 7,859 square foot structure. This application has been scheduled for a final hearing at the July 3, 2018 Planning Commission meeting.

Town of Breckenridge Water Treatment Plant: The Town is proposing a second water treatment facility, support buildings and pump station on Tract 1 of the McCain Master Plan area. This plant will include future connections to the Lake Dillon pump-back and to the water storage tank at Peabody Terrace in the Highlands. There will be four main buildings - Main Treatment Building with 13,138 square feet; Residuals Building with 2,851 square feet; High Service Pump Station with 1,257 square feet and the Administration Building with 2,349 square feet. Much of the building form, orientation, height and placement are a function of the machinery housed inside the structures. The larger structures are filled with machinery necessary to the function of the treatment plant.


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