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Community partnerships are essential to the completion of the forest health tasks across the Upper Blue basin. Current partners for the forest health effort include the following:

  • Summit County Government - As a joint owner with the Town for many parcels, the Summit County open space and trails department assisted with planning, contracting, and implementing forest health efforts. Summit County also shared costs on forest health projects on joint property.
  • U.S. Forest Service - The USFS has assigned multiple contracts and forest health treatments on area National Forest lands. Town and County staff members have coordinated efforts with the National Forest projects, so that the treatment areas effectively adjoin one another and create a community firebreak.
  • U.S. Forest Service - Watershed Protection - The Goose Pasture Tarn is the sole source for the Town of Breckenridge drinking water supply which serves approximately 5,000 customer accounts with the Town and surrounding areas. The Forest Service has a shared interest in improving forest health in the watershed to protect drinking water supplies in addition to continuing to provide other public benefits such as fuels reduction and recreational opportunities. The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and plan between the Town and the U.S.F.S., signed in February 2017, is to protect and enhance the environment around the Goose Pasture Tarn and Indiana Gulch area to reduce potential hazardous events that may impact the drinking water supply and overall forest health. This MOU is effective through December 7, 2022.
  • Colorado State Forest Service - The CSFS has assisted the Town efforts through project design and implementation, and through multiple grants. The expertise of the CSFS staff has enabled Town and County staff to effectively develop, contract, and manage several forest health projects. CSFS grant support has helped leverage local Town and Summit County money and increase the scope of fuels treatments.
  • Summit County Wildfire Council - The Wildfire Council has supported the Town’s forest health efforts through grant support and guidance on implementing the local CWPP.
  • Private Property Owners - Many private landowners have supported the Town’s efforts through dedication of temporary access easements, general support for the forest health/fuel break projects, and completion of corresponding fuels reduction efforts on their HOA and private parcels. These efforts have resulted in multiple Fire Wise designations in and around Breckenridge.