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Carter Park Dog ParkBreckenridge is a great place for dogs. By following the guidelines and tips on these pages, you will have an enjoyable time and help keep Breckenridge a dog-friendly Town.

Community Services Officers (CSOs) provide animal services including animal-related offenses of the municipal code. These include responding to leash law violations, investigating animal cruelty and neglect, animal noise complaints, regulating aggressive and dangerous animals, rabies control, bite investigations and dog licensing.

Use a leash. It is one of the most important things you can do as a dog owner. Our community requires that dogs be kept on a leash. It keeps your dog from running into traffic and risking injury or death. A leash prevents your dog from trespassing and possibly destroying the property of others. A leash is a basic and indispensable tool in behavioral training.

Summer brings hot weather in the High country. Never leave your pets in a parked car, even if the windows are open. In a little as ten minutes, the temperature inside a car can reach 160 degrees. That is hot enough to cause a dog to suffer heat stroke. Pets don’t perspire as people do. They cool themselves by panting. Your pet may want to come along for the ride, but it is much kinder to leave your pet at home with plenty of fresh water and some shade.

Although it is good to socialize your pet, large crowds are not the place to do so. Many events in the Town of Breckenridge prohibit dogs, leashed or unleashed. You may enjoy your companion’s constant company, but please consider others while out in public.

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