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Interstate Parking

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The Town has partnered with Interstate Parking to provide parking services for the upcoming season. The Interstate office is called Breck Park and is located at 311 South Main St, Suite 204. You can also find them online at All parking related issues and questions including permit sales, appeals, and citations will be managed by Interstate beginning October 11. The Police Department will no longer be selling permits or taking citation payments after October 10.  

As the management of parking in Breckenridge transitions from the Police Department to Interstate Parking, the Town of Breckenridge believes that a streamlined process will benefit parking across town. “We believe that bringing on an organization that manages parking across the country, day in and day out, will improve parking in Town,” comments Rick Holman, Town Manager. “Interstate Parking manages thousands of spots and has access to the latest technologies to push the industry standard forward. We believe that they will be able to provide progressive strategies to keep traffic in Breckenridge moving and make an easier, more enjoyable parking experience.”


Why did the Town decide to transition parking management from the police to Interstate?
The Town believed that the management of parking had grown beyond its level of expertise and wanted to give parking the level of attention we believe it deserves. The Town decided to utilize a private parking company, Interstate Parking, because of the level of expertise that it brings.
Parking users will generally notice little difference. The Town expects improvements across all parking systems in Town. Interstate is well versed in parking and has a long track record of parking management. Interstate Parking offers creative custom solutions that are tailored uniquely to the parking and traffic issues of each town. In regards to accessibility, Interstate Parking representatives are available year-round 24/7 to answer questions and deal with issues. 

Will this translate into more parking citations? Will Interstate Parking get more revenue from writing more tickets?
For the last 9 years, we have issued an average of 8,100 citations a year ranging from a low of 6,400 to a high 9,300. We expect Interstate to fall within this range. Per their contract, Interstate Parking is paid a flat fee by the Town. They have no financial gain or incentive to issue more citations. With the set management fee, there is no quota of citations to reach.

In fact, it is shown that with consistent enforcement, citations decrease. Consistently managed parking will open up more spaces for the people coming in and out of town. Consistently managed parking translates to more availability and a reduction of carbon emissions as fewer cars circle through town.

What does this mean for employee permits?
Interstate Parking will issue and enforce employee permits. Interstate Parking will abide by the Town direction when it comes to issuing and managing employee permits. Any changes to the program will go through the Breck Forward Task Force which is comprised of community members and Town employees.
Employees may either apply for permits online or go to Interstate’s office at 311 South Main suite 204 to pick up permits. (Proof of employment is required). Employees may also use the store to pay or appeal citations. For information on employee permits and updates, click HERE.

Will there be positions similar to the Community Service Officers?
Interstate Parking employs “Parking Ambassadors” with a focus on community outreach and customer service. These Parking Ambassadors have spent time training with our Community Service Officers. Interstate Parking is focused on providing a high level of customer service, and we expect the Parking Ambassadors to embody these values.