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Community Oriented Policing & Programs

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Community Oriented Policing (COP) is a philosophy of policing that differs from  traditional policing. COP promotes partnerships between the community and the police to address the causes of crime, fear of crime and other quality of life issues.


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COP focuses on alternative strategies and approaches to preventing and solving crime, and addressing community or neighborhood problems. COP methods and processes focus primarily on involving the community and key stakeholders in problem solving efforts.

Problem Oriented Policing (POP) is an approach to problem solving that involves the S.A.R.A. model (Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment) in efforts to determine the root causes of crime and concerns of the community. Breckenridge police officers use this approach to study community problems and find new and creative ways of solving these issues.

There are several areas of focus in our COP-POP approach, including: 

•  Partnerships: Partnerships with the community and within neighborhoods enable us to understand the needs of our citizens, and respond to issues of concern.

•  Problem Solving: Analysis of problems, including an understanding of root causes and underlying conditions, is necessary to resolve a problem. 

•  Enforcement: Enforcing the law as only one of several alternative responses to problem solving.

The Breckenridge Police department is committed to addressing not only concerns regarding crime, but the concerns and perceptions regarding safety and security in the community.

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