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Crime Prevention Tips

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The Breckenridge Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of service to our community. We continuously strive to provide courteous and professional service to all members and guests in our town. As we continue to develop and maintain strong partnerships with our community, we understand that sharing information is extremely important. Although Breckenridge is a beautiful place to live and visit, we should keep in mind that our community is not isolated from crime. Therefore, we would like to share some crime prevention tips with you.

Opportunity to commit crime is one of the main contributing factors in why criminal events occur. The following list provides some examples of what can be done to help prevent crimes against you or your property from happening:

  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked. Use a heavy-duty deadbolt with a 1" or greater throw. Install vertical bolts to prevent sliding glass doors from being taken off the track. Place a metal rod or similar object in the track of the sliding glass door to prevent it from being opened.
  • Use adequate exterior lighting. The use of motion activated lights are encouraged. Ensure entrances are well lit. Landscape lighting may also deter criminal activity while adding beauty to your home.
  • Trim trees and shrubs near your home. Excessive landscape, trees, and shrubs near the home may provide hiding places for burglars and "peeping toms". If you choose to have shrubbery near the home, attempt to plant trees and or bushes that have many thorns, under and around lower story windows.
  • Make the home appear as if someone is there when you are away. Keep the radio, television, or lights on. Use timers on your lights when away at night or on vacation.
  • During the winter months, make your home appear as if it is occupied everyday. Remove snow from driveways, paths, and porches. If your residence is a second home, contract a snow plowing company which will remove snow from your driveway, walkway, etc, after each snowstorm.
  • Lock all vehicles kept outside the home. Don't leave garage remotes in vehicles parked outside your home.
  • Consider installing an alarm system. Most Summit County alarm companies also have the capability of monitoring the temperature in your home to prevent any pipes from freezing and breaking.
  • If you need to ventilate your home, open windows which are extremely difficult to access from the outside (second-story windows).
  • Install a peephole on the front door and use it. Don't open the door to anyone you do not know. If the person claims to be a repair/sales/service person, ask for their company's phone number and call to verify. Check their identification. If in doubt, trust your "sixth sense"! Tell the person to come back later when other people are with you in the home.
  • If the unknown person at your front door is claiming an emergency or dire circumstance, don't open the door. Tell them you will call "911" while they wait outside.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Be aware of your surroundings. Get involved with the neighborhood watch program.
  • If your residence is accessed by an elevator, be aware of any suspicious activity before getting into the elevator. Trust your "sixth sense"! If there is someone in the elevator whom you don't feel comfortable about, wait for the next car. When in the elevator, stand as close to the controls as possible. Know where the emergency button is located.
  • When on vacation, cancel any newspaper subscriptions. Have mail forwarded to the vacation address or held at the post office. Try to have family, friends, or neighbors watch the property.
  • If you arrive at home and see your front door or windows open, or see other signs of forced entry into your home, don't go in! The intruder may be waiting for you inside. Immediately find the nearest phone and call the police (911).

Remember, if you have an emergency, dial 911.