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Emergency Preparedness- Evacuation Plan:

In the town of Breckenridge, we are committed to emergency preparedness.  We have created a Multi Hazard Evacuation Plan and evacuation routes for the entire Upper Blue Valley.  The Evacuation Plan and Evacuation Routes will serve as a guide for citizens and guests to educate themselves on how to evacuate during an emergency and what routes can be taken. 

In the event of an emergency, information will be posted here on the Town of Breckenridge's website.  We will also post information on Facebook and Twitter.  You can follow us on Facebook at Town of Breckenridge Police and on Twitter @BreckPolice.  We also encourage you to sign up for emergency notifications to your cell phone or email account through SC Alert (CodeRED).  Lastly, take time to visit to "Get a Kit, Make a Plan and Be Informed." 

Taking simple steps today to prepare you and your family can make a big difference if an emergency occurs. 

Find your evacuation route here:

Evacuation Routes - Airport Road 
Evacuation Routes - Boreas Pass Road (Neighborhoods East of Main Street)
Evacuation Routes - Gibson Hill (Vista Point and Wellington Neighborhoods)
Evacuation Routes - Golf Course (The Highlands)
Evacuation Routes - Ski Hill Road (Neighborhoods West of Main Street)
Evacuation Routes - The Highlands
Evacuation Routes - Tiger Road (Highland Greens)
Evacuation Routes - Warriors Mark