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Police Officer Salary and Benefits

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The 2018 Pay Range for the Town's Police Officer position is $26.06 - $39.13/hour. Placement in our pay plan is contingent on an applicant's experience and our organizational needs at the time of hire. All Police Officer positions are Non-Exempt and compensated on an hourly basis.

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The Town of Breckenridge Benefit Plan may be found here.   

Vacation leave is accrued per pay period based on years of service and may be used after six months of service.

Years of Service Hours of Annual Leave
1 to 3 80 hours
4 to 5 120 hours
6 to 10 160 hours
More than 10 Additional 8 hrs per year of service up to a total of 5 days

Sick leave (Short Term Disability) is accrued at 3.69 hours per pay period and may be used after 90 days of service.

Forty-eight hours of personal leave is credited to each full time employee each year. These hours may be used like annual leave during the pay year in which they are given. Employees starting midyear will have reduced personal leave allocated based on the number of months left in the year.
Our patrol division is currently on a schedule of four-ten hour days per week, with an 80-hour tour of duty during a two-week period. All hours in excess of 80 per two-week period, or in excess of 12 hours per day are compensated at time and a half (overtime). Schedules are subject to change, based on organizational need.

Our agency provides uniforms for its police officers, including firearm, footwear and body armor. Dry cleaning services are also provided.
We offer transitional housing to new hires from out of region, based on availability. Generally, transitional housing is established at a below-market rate, for a period of approximately three (3) months of transition. This allows new employees to find suitable long term housing.
For information regarding our community and housing availability, please check following web site links:

1. Our local Chamber of Commerce web site
2. Summit Daily News (Local newspaper, with housing rentals...see also the listings for Park County/Fairplay area, which is over Hoosier Pass. Several of our officers live in this community)
3. Summit Combined Housing Authority (Local housing authority for affordable housing projects in the area)