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Recruitment Process

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Testing for the position of police officer involves a careful measurement of an applicant’s knowledge, skills, abilities, integrity and background. The steps of the hiring process through which one must successfully pass to gain employment as a police officer include: 

• Application Screening
The Department pre-screens the applications for completeness; minimum qualifications; knowledge, skills, and abilities that relate to the position; training and experience; and disqualifying factors. Law enforcement applicants may be held to a higher standard regarding disqualifying factors in the background due to the nature and duties of the position. Disqualifying factors are determined by the Town of Breckenridge, in compliance with current governing state and federal statutes and regulations.

Honesty is required in completing the application. Finalists for positions must submit to a polygraph examination prior to employment. If it is determined that an applicant has been untruthful or misleading on an application, the applicant will automatically be disqualified. 

•  “Ride-along”
A “ride-along” of a four (4) hour duration must be completed. The purpose of the “ride-along” is to allow an applicant to gain a realistic view of the community and the work environment and provide an opportunity to ask candid questions of a member of the department. This experience assists in determining true interest in becoming a member of the Breckenridge Police Department. At the same time, the “ride-along” allows the department to further assess an applicant’s compatibility with the Department’s Mission and Value Statement. If you are interested in scheduling a ride-along with an officer, please email Sergeant Lyn Herford at  

•  Oral Interview Board
The oral interview board is composed of members of the department and may include a representative of the Human Resources Department. During the oral interview a series of questions will be posed to applicants. Responses to the questions will be measured for decision making/problem solving ability, leadership, oral presentation skills, interpersonal communication skills, background and experience. The same basic questions are asked of each applicant appearing before an oral interview board. 

•  Integrity Interview
An integrity interview based upon established standards assists in determining the completeness and honesty of the application. Any potentially disqualifying factors or discrepancies revealed during the integrity interview are brought to the attention of the Chief of Police for a decision regarding future processing. 

•  Interview with the Chief
All finalists for positions have an interview with the Chief or the Assistant Chief of Police.

    Eligible List: Should a vacancy for a police officer position not be available at this point in the process, the applicant's name shall be placed on the Eligible List. Should a position become available, the application would be reactivated for consideration. At that time the applicant would be required to successfully complete any remaining steps in the application process before receiving a confirmation of hire.

• Polygraph Examination
This examination helps to determine an applicant’s honesty and integrity. A decision on disqualification depends upon a number of factors including, but not limited to, the seriousness, passage of time, or specific circumstances surrounding the incident. Honesty is required during the examination. 

•  Psychological Examination
This examination assists in determining emotional and psychological ability of a applicant to perform the duties, in an acceptable manner, that are required of a Police Officer in the Town of Breckenridge. 

•  Background Investigation
A background investigation will be conducted by a member of the Department. The background investigation review may include, but is not limited to criminal history; traffic arrests/citations; moral character; interpersonal relations with friends, co-workers, supervisors, and family; and work history and performance. The results of the background investigation are reviewed by the Chief of Police.

Applicants should not consider any “conditional offer of employment” to be a firm offer until notification by the Town of Breckenridge.