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Mission, Vision and Values

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The mission of the Breckenridge Police Department is to consistently strive to provide the highest quality police service that anticipates and responds to the changing needs of our community. We work together to preserve and enhance the Town’s unique quality of life for those that live, work, or visit our community through active partnerships and problem solving built on mutual trust and respect.

To have a police organization that recognizes and appreciates the value and diversity of each employee and provides them with a learning and enriching environment for longevity and personal growth. We will have mutual trust and respect with our employees and the citizens we serve to improve the quality of life in our community and the organization.

The members of the Breckenridge Police Department value the following in our employees and the department:

We value the Town of Breckenridge Leadership Model and through the use of this model we strive for personal and organizational excellence.

Problem Solving
We recognize the value of problem solving and the impacts it has on crime, fear of crime, and other social problems impacting police service and the community.

We build and maintain trust within the department and with the community we serve through positive interactions and open communication; we work closely to develop relationships that result in teamwork, mutual respect, and shared responsibility.

We take personal responsibility for our actions and attitude. We actively complete our assignments and meet our commitments while demonstrating a high degree of ownership to the people we affect. Each individual is responsible for the harmony and effectiveness of the team.

Ethical Behavior
We provide high quality professional and ethical services to the community and the members of our police department. We enforce the laws and uphold the constitution fairly, with integrity, and the highest degree of professionalism. We always treat everyone we contact with the same degree of empathy, respect, and dignity, with which we would expect members of our immediate family to be treated by law enforcement personnel.