Permitting for UAS (Unmaned Aircraft Systems)/Drones

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In November, Breckenridge Town Council adopted an ordinance (Title 5, Chapter 14) governing the operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones. Section 5-14-9 of the ordinance allows the Town Manager to adopt rules and regulations that may be necessary for proper administration of the ordinance. Town Staff has worked with several drone users on a policy that is best suited in ensuring the proper usages of UAS for photo/film permits and recreational use. 

The rules and regulations provide two classes of permits – a single flight permit (one date) and an annual permit – for operators conducting numerous flights over the course of a year. The application requirements for both permits are detailed and include items staff feels are important for ensuring safety and security. Further, the rules and regulations detail standards for issuing or denying a permit, as well as a process for appealing a denial.

The fee for a single permit is $25.00, while the fee for an annual permit is $150.00. Please remember that if you are using a drone for commercial reasons, you will need a business license from the Town. 

Single flight permit application can be downloaded here.

Annual permit application can be downloaded here.

Please visit here for more information on the rules and regulations for UAS/Drones in Breckenridge and a map of Town-owned property.

For the ordinance itself, please click here.

 Please contact Assistant Town Manager, Shannon Haynes, at or at (970) 547-3133 for more questions on the permitting process.