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Street Repair

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The Streets division maintains approximately 120 miles of paved roadways within Town of Breckenridge limits.

 The Streets Division is currently aware of the large number of potholes and conditions of the street.  We are currently working to make repairs daily and are formatting a long term plan for repair in the summer of 2019.  We welcome your feedback and reports of damage by contacting us using the methods below.

Report Street Damage or Pothole:

• Call (970) 453-3170
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Asphalt Maintenance

 Asphalt Milling on Wednesday, May 1st and Thursday, May 2nd:

Asphalt overlay is going to begin with two days of milling on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  The work will start with North Ridge Street, continue to the Courthouse Lot, and finally the Wellington Lot.  There will be adequate traffic control.

To ensure safe roadways for the public, the Streets Division performs annual visual inspections of our roads and parking lots in the spring. A 1-10 scale rating system is used to rate the road condition. Once roads are reviewed and rated then maintenance priorities and repair options are determined based upon budget and approval by Town Council. Repairs will be scheduled for the following spring/summer/fall season. Inspections of road conditions are made throughout the year so there are no surprises for our residents and guests.
Our goal is to have all TOB roads and parking lots rate at a 7 or above.

Map of street conditions



Visible Distress


General Condition/

Treatment Measures




New construction.




Recent overlay.  Like New.


Very Good

No longitudinal cracks except reflection of paving joints.

Occasional transverse cracks, widely spaced (40’ or greater).

All cracks sealed or tight (open less than ¼”).

Recent sealcoat or new cold mix.

Little or no maintenance required.



Very slight or no raveling, surface shows some traffic wear.

Longitudinal cracks (open ¼”) due to reflection or paving joints.

Transverse cracks (open ¼”) spaced 10 feet or more apart.

No patching or very few patches in excellent condition.

First signs of aging. 

Maintain with routine crack filling.



Slight raveling (loss of lines) and traffic wear.

Longitudinal cracks (open ¼” – ½”) due to reflection or paving joints.

Transverse cracking (open ¼” – ½”) some spaced less than 10 feet.

Slight to moderate flushing or polishing.  Occasional patching in good condition.

Shows signs of aging, sound structural condition.

Could extend life with sealcoat.



Moderate to severe raveling (loss of lines and course aggregate).

Longitudinal cracks (open ½”) show some slight raveling and secondary cracks.

First signs of longitudinal cracks near wheel path or edge.

Transverse cracking and first signs of block cracking.  Slight crack raveling (open ½”).

Extensive to severe flushing or polishing.  Some patching or edge wedging in good condition.

Surface aging.  Sound structural condition.  Needs sealcoat or thin non-structural overlay (less than 2”)



Severe surface raveling.

Multiple longitudinal and transverse cracking with slight raveling.

Block cracking (over 25 – 50% of surface).

Patching in fair condition.

Slight rutting or distortions (1” deep or less).

Significant aging and first signs of need for strengthening.  Would benefit from recycling or overlay.



Closely spaced longitudinal and transverse cracks often showing raveling and crack erosion.

Block cracking over 50% of surface.

Some alligator cracking (less than 25% of surface).

Patches in fair to poor condition.

Moderate rutting or distortion (1” or 2” deep).

Occasional potholes.

Need patching and major overlay or complete recycling.


Very Poor

Alligator cracking (over 25% of surface).

Severe distortions (over 2” deep).

Extensive patching in poor condition.  Potholes.

Severe deterioration.  Need reconstruction with extensive base repair.



Severe distress with extensive loss of surface integrity.

Failed.  Needs total reconstruction.



For full evaluation process plead read Streets Evaluation Manual.