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Goal 1: Deliver balanced, year-round economy

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Town of Breckenridge leads, Breckenridge Tourism Office executes

Balanced Economy

 Deliver a balanced year-round economy driven by destination tourism by 2024


The volume of car traffic and day visitors arriving in Breckenridge is growing every year, and based on current population projections in the Front Rangeand Colorado Springs, that is only going to continue to increase. Furthermore, visitor volumes are surging during special events and holidays at higher levels every year, most often during winter season, causing increasing dissonance among the local community. It is imperative that the Town of Breckenridge and Breckenridge Tourism Office collaborate to protect the year-round economy, expand the visitor experience both seasonally and geographically, and increase out-of-state overnight visitation in order to provide a more consistent and lucrative economic pipeline for local businesses and workforce. Most tourism destinations worldwide are focusing on this due to the rise in travel globally. They're striving to create a more sustainable visitor economy by developing and diversifying the destination experience to drive visitor dispersal and more equitable economic development.
The most successful methods to accomplish that revolve around enhancing local culinary, cultural, wellness and active tourism, often with an integratededucational delivery connecting two or more of those themes. Those verticals also spur higher visitor spend, length of stay, and loyalty, and they're effective catalysts for accelerating off-season demand.

Sub-Goals and Progress

  • Ensure long-term economic viability irrespective of climate conditions by diversifying and amplifying arts, historic, culinary products and experiences on a year round basis
  • Attract and retain entry and mid-level workforce.
  • Fill in need periods
    • Metrics:sales tax revenue, occupancy, visitor mix ratios – more level across 12 months
  • Provide reliable and Competitive Broadband services to citizens/businesses/visitors