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Goal 2: Hometown Feel & Authentic Character

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Town of Breckenridge Leads

Authentic Character

 Elevate and fiercely protect Breckenridge’s authentic character and brand — our hometown feel and friendly atmosphere


The identity of Breckenridge is rooted in the proud spirit of community among locals and the authentic character of the destination. That personality is baked into both the destination brand and visitor experience, which helps differentiate Breckenridge from its competitors. The Breckenridge community, however, has been clear and unified about how they feel that authentic character is being undermined due to a variety of factors. For example, there are too many cars overwhelming the Main Street appeal during various months.

The growth of short-term vacation rentals is taking long-term rental housing for local workforce off the market, forcing more employees to move outside Town limits. Among parents, more of them are saying that the rising costs of housing, health care and childcare is making it challenging to raise kids in Breckenridge. And lastly, many residents feel too many events are produced without local buy-in, which for them, chips away at the local sense of place and community spirit. 


Sub-Goals and Progress

  • Protect cultural heritage and National Historic Designation
  • Develop more robust peak day management strategy
    • Augment transit services (public and private), increase messaging regarding not using cars in town, reconsider parking fee structure for peak season,
  • Develop more family oriented programming and events
  • A “to be determined” % (or other metric) of the Breckenridge workforce lives in Town and there is a diversity of housing types and prices for locals (sufficient to preserve the sense of community and support the local economy)
    • Further short-term rental regulation, Build out employee housing and rental units/programs
  • Ensure access to affordable quality childcare for local working families
  • Enhance and develop avenues for citizens to engage with the Town of Breckenridge so they are informed, feel heard, become involved and collaborate to find solutions
    • Create more town hall type events on topical issues for residents, especially targeting young entrepreneurs