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Goal 4: Leading Environmental Stewardship

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Community Development/Sustainability/Green Team in partnership with Breckenridge Tourism Office

Enviro Stewardship

Establish Breckenridge at the leading edge in mountain environmental

stewardship and sustainable practices


Breckenridge has an opportunity to elevate its position as a destination for thought leadership and activation around environmental sustainability. Doing so communicates to current and prospective visitors that the local community is committed to protecting the environmental ecosystem in the face of climate change, population growth, and irresponsible mass-consumption. This has a halo effect on the destination brand, especially for younger visitor segments who make purchase decisions based on environmental stewardship in greater numbers than previous generations.

Defining exactly how the Town of Breckenridge is approaching this goal is critical moving forward. The Town Council and Breckenridge Tourism Office will expand their messaging about the importance of sustainability and Leave No Trace, and elevate support for industry partners and community organizations that are leading sustainability efforts to inspire and educate both locals and visitors.

The public and private sectors in Breckenridge should also consider developing an event dedicated to responsible tourism and enhanced mountain livability. Such an event could align with similar sustainable tourism events worldwide, where destination leaders in other fragile destinations are actively sharing knowledge on best practices. Lastly, there are numerous sustainable destination certifications, including those provided by Biosphere and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Their criteria can help inform more resilient destination management. 


Sub-Goals and Progress

  • Develop cutting edge messaging/programs around responsible tourism and responsible citizenry (this extends beyond environmental issues)
  • Improve current recycling programs, usage, and education
  • All major events are zero waste by 2024
  • Identify and earn appropriate national sustainability certification (LEEDS, etc)
  • Implement action that further the Town’s efforts towards suitability and reduction of our community’s carbon footprint.
    • Pursue additional energy efficiency requirement for new construction