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Goal 3: More boots & bikes, less cars

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Town of Breckenridge Parking & Transportation Leads

Boots & Bikes

More Boots and Bikes, Less Cars


The growing volume of car traffic in Breckenridge diminishes quality of life for locals and the overall destination experience for visitors. The new parking structure will ease some of that compression, but there also needs to be more public and private initiatives to inspire both locals and visitors to walk, bike and use public transportation. The Town of Breckenridge will continue to invest in modern transportation infrastructure, including a new fleet of electric busses to lessen environmental impacts, elevate the rider experience, and show the Town’s commitment to sustainable, responsible tourism.

To drive adoption, the community suggests that these investments should be supported with a comprehensive communications plan targeting locals and visitors that specifically explains how and where to access public transportation. The Town will also add new wayfinding and improve existing signage to direct and disperse visitors more effectively, along with improved lighting to help pedestrians navigate a greater number of streets during more hours.

Sub-Goals and Progress

  • Improve pedestrian access, lighting, safety and use of crosswalks (Nelson/Nygaard)
  • Increase public transportation use and busses
  • Reduce visitor and resident car traffic by 10% (Nelson/Nygaard)
  • Develop and implement a balanced parking and multi- modal transportation plan that preserves the character of the community.