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Get To Know The 2020 Candidates

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Nate Dogggg Nadler

 Hello my name is Nate Nadler. Also known as Nate Dogggg. I’ve lived in Breckenridge for 22 years. I feel some of our big issues in this town are having an easier living situation for our work force. Be it housing, childcare, or wages. The work force is the heart of our community and having a happier work force will mean a better experience for our guests. I would also work on our infrastructure to ease traffic flows through our town. I believe that with the help of our amazing town council these issues can be addressed. Thank you for considering me for your Mayor. 

Eric Mamula                                                  

Eric Mamula

My name is Eric Mamula and I have lived in Breckenridge for 33+ years.  My educational background is a BA in Political Science from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

 My Breckenridge government experience includes:

            Breckenridge Sanitation District Board May 1994-Nov 1998

            Red, White & Blue Fire District Board Mar 1995-Nov 1998

            Breckenridge Board of Adjustments 1995-2004

            Breckenridge Open Space Advisory Committee 1996-2000, 2005-2006

            Breckenridge Planning Commission Nov 1998-Apr 2004, Sept 2012-Dec 2015

            Breckenridge Town Council Apr 2004-May 2012

Why are you interested in serving on the Breckenridge Town Council?

As the current Mayor, I am interested in continuing to serve because I have several on-going projects that I would like to see completed.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the Town?

I see the biggest challenges facing the Town include the livability for our local community, the impact of over-tourism, parking, traffic and short term rentals.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

Having owned a business for 30+ years plus serving the community in multiple roles for 25 years has given me a broad perspective of our community.




James "Jimmy" Manella

“Jimmy” Manella has been a full time resident of Breckenridge for 10 years. He is a retired former member of The Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he was employed by large financial institutions primarily in international clearing and trade execution. James just returned from volunteering in soup kitchens and food pantries for Catholic Charities of New York City, he has also volunteered with the Breckenridge Ski Resort Mountain Host Program. A strong accessible team leader James would apply best policy and partnership guidance in areas of childcare for working families, parking and transportation, affordable housing, environmental sustainability, technology infrastructure, emergency fire planning and assimilation, physical fitness outreach programs and quality of resident life issues to name a few. James is a writer, outdoorsman and enthusiastic supporter of the arts. James was a student at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Ill. he studied psychology and english at the Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies.  






Dennis Kuhn

Hi, I’m Dennis Kuhn and I’m running for our town council.

I have been a full time resident of Breckenridge for 43 years. I am passionate about our small town and our sense of community. My reason for wanting to serve on our Council is to give back to the place we call home. The heart and soul of Breckenridge is in our people, the adventurous hardworking community.

As we start this new decade it will take all of us working together to ensure that while Breckenridge moves along a path of progress, we protect what is special and unique about the character of our community.

The issues that speak directly to my heart are; smart growth and responsible development, affordable solutions for additional child care and the preservation of our historic character and open space.

My areas of expertise include finding common ground when negotiating and looking for long term solutions that will stand the test of time.

My work experience includes being a Ski Patroller, Assistant Ski Patrol Director and Risk Manager for mountain operations. I have also been a home builder and project manager for a local construction company. I served on the Breckenridge Open Space Advisory Commission 1999-2012, the last 4 years serving as Chairman.

I am also the proud father of 3 sons all of whom were raised here in Breckenridge , an amateur mountain bike racer, and novice Friday night pizza maker.

My goal is to create community thru connection, and a shared vision of preserving the best of the past while making strong decisions for the future.

                                               “We are Breckenridge”



Kristen Petitt Stewart

I am an Oklahoma transplant who has called Breckenridge home since 2003.  My love for being outdoors and playing in the snow has often driven my decision making, ultimately leading me to make my home in a mountain town I love.

I became the Public Relations Director for the Breckenridge Resort Chamber (now BTO) in 2004.  During the 06-07 ski season, I began my career with Vail Resorts as the International PR Manager, then transitioned to the head of public relations for Breckenridge Ski Resort, serving in that role until launching a freelance career in 2017. 

I traveled the world to promote Breckenridge as a year-round destination for more than 15 years.  Because of that, I feel like I have a unique perspective of Breck’s outstanding reputation and position in the travel and tourism marketplace, while also living here and understanding the privileges and challenges we face as locals.  In both my PR roles I also spent a lot of time in Breckenridge Town Council chambers and in meetings listening to issues debated, reading budgets and proposals, and hearing a lot of public comment. I didn’t always have the freedom to comment or participate in the process because of my positions, but now I do and I’d like to offer a fresh, new perspective and voice for many of us working hard to maintain the Breckenridge character we fell in love with, while being open to opportunities and change that are inevitable in a thriving community.

My community experience includes helping with numerous local events both as staff and volunteer, highlighted by serving on the local organizing committee for the Colorado Pro Cycling Challenge in 2017 and most recently participating in new BreckCreate exhibit, Woven Spaces. I also volunteer with Building Hope, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) High Country Colorado and C-RAD.

My husband Brad and I own a house in the Wellington and share it with our two border collies. You can often find me making new friends on the gondola, exploring our local trails, or working a shift at Goods or the Beaver Run Ticket office in part because I love talking to people about Breck! Wherever I am, my passion for and knowledge of Breckenridge runs deep, and I want to help keep it friendly, approachable and adventurous well into the future.

I am strongly committed to this community and now look forward to the opportunity to make an even bigger commitment to ensure Breckenridge’s continued success.  I believe my experience and knowledge of the local government, history, ski area management and local organizations are a great mix to help lead this town as a Breckenridge Town Council Member. 


Emily Wahl

Breckenridge is my home.  I am the daughter of Hispanic immigrants.  My parents overcame language and social barriers to support our family and lend a helping hand to our extended family.  I grew up in a home that stressed working hard to get ahead and love of family that knows no bounds.  Although I grew up on Long Island and lived many years working in Texas, Breckenridge is where I wake up every morning and say, “Wow, am I lucky”.  The people of Breckenridge are an eclectic, diverse group, that share a common love.  We have resided part time since 2006 and full time starting in 2014.  My husband and I have two children, a married daughter in Denver and a single son living in Dillon.  It is through our son and meeting people at the Father Dyer Community Dinner that we have first understood the challenges millennials face in Summit County.
Our community is under pressure.  We are challenged to provide affordable living and managing growth in our town.  Affordable living is NOT confined to the high cost of housing.  It is also the shortage and cost of childcare, the cost of health insurance, lack of mental health resources, and a changing climate are all challenges our town must face. Managing growth, the popularity of our Town is threatening to destroy its character, our environment and the livability for our residents, parking problems is only one element.   I want to be the voice of our residents as we collaborate to find creative, workable solutions to these issues.

My civic participation in Summit County has included Vice President of the Summit County Arts Council, President of the Summit County Women of Watercolor, member of the Silverthorne Art Committee.  I sit in on the Breckenridge Events Committee and the Childcare Advisory Committee and on numerous Breckenridge Town Council Meetings.  In my roles in Summit County non-profits I have championed projects that have enabled the non-profits to join resources and collectively achieve greater results.

Prior to coming to Breckenridge, I served as Board Member and then President of the Fort Bend County Education Foundation.  During my tenure as President we provided over $500,000 in grants to the Fort Bend Independent School District, every school and every new teacher in the district benefited.  I also served as a Board Member and then President of the River Oaks Business Womens Exchange Club and Board Member and then President of the Houston Watercolor Arts Society.  This active community participation was while I managed a worldwide organization, with culturally diverse teams in Ireland, Singapore, India and the USA, providing Production and Operations support for BMC Software.  

My fundamental beliefs have always been that we are smarter when we share, stronger when we work together and more sympathetic when we listen.
The success I have achieved is the result of fostering inclusion, teamwork, compassion, leadership, and collaboration resulting in a proven ability to achieve results.

Educational Background:
• Graduate from Cornell University with a French Literature Degree 
• Multiple Executive Management Training Classes at IBM and BMC Software
• Non-Profit Management Class for Leadership positions on The Fort Bend Education Foundation
• Leadership Houston, education provided for outstanding contributors to the social welfare of the city

 Jen head shot green sweater

Jennifer McAtamney

My name is Jennifer McAtamney, since moving here in 1999, I have put my life skills to work on behalf of our community.  I moved here to Breckenridge in February of ‘99, leaving the wilds of New York City to settle at the foot of the civilized slopes known as Breckenridge, CO.  Some of my early community work took the form of fundraising for a new early learning center now known as the “big” Little Red School House on Reiling Road, from there I took the leap and ran for office in 2006 and served 2 terms on the Breckenridge Town Council.  I would have continued to serve but was term limited in 2014. After 6 years away I realized I loved this work too much to let it go and so I am back running for Town Council in April of 2020.

During previous my previous time on Town Council, I served on the Housing and Child Care Committee for 7 years.  It was during that time that we launched our innovative childcare program, built our first town housing project now knows as the Valley Brook Neighborhood and created the Town’s original Sustainable Breck program.  I followed that work, with almost three years as a staff member in the Community Development Department managing the Town’s Child Care program and working with the housing team and the green team continuing to turn my passion into action here in the community.

What this means to you the voter is that I am a candidate with experience and a track record of getting things done.  For me it’s about taking the time to understand the issues that affect our citizens, having a vision and being willing to step up with leadership to get things done all in the interest of building and serving our community.  Looking ahead there is still lots of work to be done and challenges we must face, balancing our economic prosperity and preserving quality of life.  As we face the last pieces of developable commercial land and continue to seek to meet locals needs around housing and wages, I want to be there for the people of our community and shape the future as it unfolds. 

Some of my relevant community experience is found below:

Breckenridge Music – Board of Directors                                                    2018-2019
Co-Chair Breckenridge Organizing Committee for USA ProChallenge         2014 - 2017
Breckenridge Childcare Advisory Commission                                             2014 - 2016
Board Member & Chair Early Childhood Options                                        2009 - Present
Town Council Housing Child Care Committee                                               2007 - 2014
Breckenridge Grants and Scholarship Committee                                        2006 - 2014
Breckenridge Planning Commission liaison                                             2010, 2012-2014
BAAC Member Summit High School                                                             2014 - 2019
BAAC Member Summit Middle School                                                           2010 - 2016 
BAAC Member Dillon Valley Elementary                                                        2005 - 2013 
Sustainable Breck Council Committee                                                          2008 - 2011 
Breckenridge Open Space Commissioner                                                     2009 - 2010 
Summit Housing Authority Board Member                                                   2008 - 2009 
Breckenridge Heritage Alliance Council Liaison                                           2008 - 2009 
Global Summit                                                                                              2007 - 2009 
Breckenridge Resort Chamber Council Board Member                                 2009 - 2010 
Public Art Commissioner                                                                              2007 - 2008 
Liquor Licensing Board                                                                                  2006 - 2007
Timberline Learning Center Founding Board                                                  2007 - 2O08
Little Red School House                                                                                2003 - 2008
Summit County Arts Council                                                                         2002 - 2005 

On a personal note, I live just up Wellington Road in our deed restricted home with Shawn, my husband of 21 years and our two daughters Mairi and Emilie who were both born and raised at the foot of the Ten Mile Range.  We round our family out with Molly Hogan a 20lb Cavapoo who loves everything our family does including: skiiing both nordic and alpine, rafting, sailing, camping, hiking and exploring our beautiful of the world.  My current career is as the Executive Director of Building Hope where I work to create a more coordinated, effective & responsive mental health system to promote emotional health, reduce stigma, and improve access to care and support for everyone in Summit County.

Dick Carleton

Dick Carleton

My name is Dick Carleton and I have lived in Breckenridge full time for 40 years.  Before moving to Colorado, I attended the Pamplin School of Business at Virginia Tech, and received a BS in Marketing Management.  I met my wonderful wife Cathy here, and we have now been married for 26 years.  We have both loved raising our three children here, our son, 19, and our 16-year-old twins.

In 1981, I started working for my current business partner, Alexandra Storm, as a server & bartender at Mi Casa.  After more than 35 years of hard work, Alexandra and I continue to own and operate Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant and The Hearthstone Restaurant, and enjoy a thriving business partnership.  As the head of our operations with over 100 employees, I understand both the needs of our workforce and the challenges of running a small business in Breckenridge.

I have also learned what it truly means to be part of, and give back to, the community we all so love.  I have both volunteered for, and served on the Boards of, the Summit Foundation, Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, Breckenridge Tourism Office, Summit Prevention Alliance, and Summit Youth Hockey, as well as numerous organizations and committees through the Summit Middle and High Schools.  I have also served on the town’s Marketing Advisory Committee, chaired the Breckenridge Events Committee, and continue to serve on the Police Advisory Committee and the Child Care Advisory Committee.  Additionally, 23 years ago, myself and some other local business owners founded the Breckenridge Restaurant Association, and I remain an officer of that organization today.  

I take genuine pride in doing my civic duty, and participating in the leadership and government of our small town.  Though I was appointed to Town Council in April of 2018, I would ask for your consideration & vote this spring. Being a part of the Council is a fair amount of work, but I feel I am now up to speed understanding the budgets and moving parts of our local government.  It takes hard work, dedication, and initiative to comprehend and take a leadership role in the running of our Town.

If elected, I will pledge to work hard to understand, and consider, all sides of an argument. I believe all of the people living in our community should feel safe, welcome, and respected.  I have experienced firsthand the changes that have come over the last four decades. As a result, I’m willing to make the tough decisions necessary to protect the true Character of Breckenridge and the Quality of Life we all value so highly.  



Jeffrey Bergeron

Jeffrey Bergeron is running for re-election to Breck Town Council. He first arrived in Breckenridge in the mid 1970s. He was part of a nomadic tribe of waiters and bartenders working Breckenridge winters and beach resort summers. In his late twenties he stumbled onto a career in media. What followed was a 30-year run on TV and radio - local, regional and national. Since retiring, he continues to write for newspapers and magazines.

Jeffrey is a long-time open space advocate who, along with his wife Ellen Hollinshead, spearheaded a sales tax  ballot  initiative which has allowed  ‘The Breckenridge Open Space Commission’ to save over 5 thousand acres from development and provided many miles of recreational trails. Since serving on Council his mission has been to keep Breckenridge both solvent and livable for those who live, work, raise a family or retire here.


Kelly Owens

I currently serve on Breckenridge Town Council and bring a unique skill set to the dedicated group of existing council members. I went to The Colorado College where I studied environmental science and received my Masters of Science in Biology from the University of Denver. From 2008 to 2018 I worked at SE Group in Frisco where I collaborated with the forest service and other biologists to analyze impacts of private, municipal and ski area development on both natural resources and the community. I strive to help the project minimize impacts while meeting the agreed upon goals. This experience has allowed me to contribute to the council discussion in a way that benefits our community and our environment.

My husband Reed and I have lived in the Wellington Neighborhood since 2009. We have 3 children, Ruby is two, Wiley is five and Oskar is seven, and a loving 14 year old border collie named Karhu. We are a working family, raising kids in deed restricted housing. We were grateful recipients of the childcare tuition assistance program from the Town of Breckenridge when we had two children in care at Little Red Schoolhouse. In 2014, I joined the Board of Directors at Little Red Schoolhouse where our focus has been on high quality childcare and employee longevity. In 2015 I joined the Summit County Planning Commission with special interest in working on the Countywide Master Plan and permitting process for short-term rentals. I am still an active member of the board and planning commission.

On Town Council I will continue to focus on protecting Breckenridge's authentic character through addressing traffic, implementing innovative workforce housing solutions and achieving long term funding for childcare assistance. I am also excited about the momentum of the Climate Action Plan and helping establish Breckenridge as a leader in sustainable practices.


 Michael Cavanaugh

Michael R. Cavanaugh

How long have you lived in Breckenridge: 48 years

Educational Background: Mt. St. Mary’s College Emmitsburg, MD - B.S. Education 1972 U.S.E.A.S.A/PSIA - Full certification at Cannon Mountain, N.H. 1972

Previous Participation on Town Boards or Committees: 1983- 1985 Trustee Town of Blue River, 1985-1987 Co-Chaired on Colorado Northwest Council of Government on I-70 Corridor with Judy McBride 2016- June 21st, Elected to the Board of Directors of T.O.B. Finance Authority - Still in office

Why are you interested in serving on the Breckenridge Town Council? I am interested in serving to help continue the progress that council has achieved since my last applications to serve as a town council member (3) three times before and to reinstate the faith of the citizens of Breckenridge, that council moves in a multi-faceted growth pattern.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the Town? The biggest challenges I see are acquisitions which place the Town of Breckenridge in an equal position to face the continuing growth and how to control and utilize its experiences to become more efficient.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? I find that I am a self-content individual that has accomplished a satisfaction beyond my own personal expectations. I place my heart and soul in this valley.



Hal Vatcher

Biography: Full time resident of Breckenridge since 2013, following a successful career as an Information Technology Executive.
Have been actively involved with the town since arriving.
● Attended most town council work sessions since 2013.
● Was a significant participant/promoter of the Lift Ticket Tax Initiative.
● Was an active participant in the Parking & Transit Task Force.
● Have been a supporter/promoter of several election campaigns for council positions.
● Continue to positively contribute to our town as:
o A member of the Police Advisory Committee.
o A member of the Transit Committee.
o An appointee to the Liquor & Marijuana Licensing Authority.

What I bring to town council: I am retired, and a full-time resident of Breckenridge.  I truly love our town! I have been a champion for the town since I moved here, volunteering for committees and events as often as possible. I am totally unbiased and have no “agenda” of my own to promote. I understand the importance of working with the public and presenting accurate information to our citizens. I have the time necessary to perform the role of town council member effectively.  My past efforts in support of our town should give everyone comfort that I am committed to supporting the best interests of our citizens and our town.  Because I have attended most town council work sessions since 2013, I am up-to-speed on town issues and am ready to hit the ground running!