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Town of Breckenridge selected for multiple Healthy Company Honors
National and State recognition received for wellness and safety programs

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. – May 3, 2017 – The Town of Breckenridge recently received both national and state recognition for their wellness and safety programs.

Interactive Health named the Town of Breckenridge as one of the top “Healthiest Companies in America” joining an elite group of only five Colorado companies among 156 companies nationwide. On a state-wide level, the Town of Breckenridge was named a Health Links TM Certified Healthy Business Partner for the Town’s exemplary workplace health and safety culture in the workplace.

“The Town of Breckenridge emphasizes the organization’s commitment to employee well-being and a culture of health. It is exciting for us to be recognized within the state of Colorado, and nationally for these efforts,” said Human Resources Director Dana Laverdiere. “Our focus on workplace health and wellness is an important component of creating a positive culture that promotes employee engagement and retention. We provide a variety of wellness opportunities, making it easy to adopt healthy lifestyles, even at work.”

Specifically, the Town’s programs include dedicated staff to Wellness and Safety Committees, development and implementation of an ‘Accident Prevention Plan’, implementation of a ‘Return-to-Work’ modified duty policy, ergonomic assessments for both field and office environments, an Employee Assistance Program, and trainings for all employees on a variety of issues relating to wellness and safety.

Interactive Health
The Interactive Health winners span nearly every industry, U.S. geography and size but are alike in their commitment to helping their employees make significant improvements in their health. This honor recognizes employers for successfully moving the needle and helping their employees live better, healthier lives. This award recognizes a commitment to employee health that is supported by a ‘culture’ of well-being, where everyone is encouraged to take an active role in their health and to achieve transformational, lasting change for employees.

These companies demonstrate their ability to impact the health of a population: honorees reached a truly remarkable 70 percent or greater participation rate in their workplace wellness program as well as a low-risk health score for their total population, based on clinically sound health evaluations.

Inspirational health outcomes achieved by the employees and spouses of the winning organizations included a 66 percent achievement of participants made health improvements related to their blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, glucose levels, triglyceride levels or tobacco use – helping to reduce their risk for disease.

“These achievements are striking and inspire us because winners set the bar on what can be achieved and demonstrated with validated results. A strong culture of employee health engagement creates positive health outcomes, and is smart business,” said Interactive Health President and CEO Cathy Kenworthy.

Health Links TM
Health Link TM, a nonprofit initiative at the University of Colorado School of Public Health, recognizes businesses around the state for their excellence in workplace health and safety. Health Links assesses businesses via an online assessment tool that benchmarks their health and safety efforts. Health Links also provide businesses with expert advising by a local Lead Advisor and connects them with community resources to help them bring health to work.

The Town was recognized for holding managers and supervisors accountable for supporting health and safety, integrating health and safety efforts, actively preventing workplace injuries, and extending health and safety services to employee spouses, domestic partners, dependents, and the greater community.

Through the employee’s collective efforts, the Town achieved this honor specifically by meeting the following benchmarks:
• Demonstrate leadership commitment to health and safety
• Offer health insurance to eligible employees
• Integration of health promotion and safety programs
• Assess employee needs and interests
• Offer programs that promote healthy behaviors (educational lunch & learns, Green Commutes, town bikes for business, etc.)
• Prevent work-related injury and illness
• Communicate the importance of health and safety to employees
• Be inclusive of all employees in delivering health promotion and safety
• Evaluate the impact of health and safety efforts
• Actively promote health, safety and well-being in the community

Both honors are validation that the Town of Breckenridge is setting high standards for health and safety practices within the community.


Town of Breckenridge ( is a quaint Victorian town in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. The character of Breckenridge is ever evolving – from its rich, colorful past - established in 1859 as a small mining outpost - to one of the top mountain resort destinations in the world. Breckenridge balances it’s past and future, continually providing an unparalleled experience for our residents and visitors as well as keeping an eye to its sustainable future. The Town of Breckenridge employs approximately 250 year-round, seasonal and part-time individuals, and is committed to providing a workplace that encourages leadership and employee involvement.